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Our reports are not only quickly generated, they are easy to understand too. Only relevant information is put across in a presentable format for your convenience.

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What does the Quick PPSR Report Offer?

The PPSR check is going to be the best investment you ever made. You are going to get really high returns on this small amount of money - a great second hand car and not a lemon. Here is what you can expect from a PPSR Report generated by Quick PPSR.

Finance Owing

Discover any outstanding loans - personal or vehicle loans - associated with the vehicle you are purchasing with the PPSR search.

Registration Details

This section will detail the registration number as well as the start and end dates of the registration.

Stolen Vehicle Check

Our PPSR Check will flag a stolen vehicle. If you do come across such a vehicle, you can report it to the authorities and shield yourself from any potential legal complications.


The report offers the description of the car, registration plate number, VIN, and the Chassis number for cross-checking with the other vehicle documents.

PPSR Certificate

Since we are working through the PPSR and the NEVDIS, we have legal and direct access to all the components of a PPSR report. With our report, you will also get an official PPSR certificate.

Write Off Check

A PPSR vehicle check can tell you exactly what kind of a commitment you are really getting into with the purchase. If it has been written off, then the car has suffered an overwhelming amount of damage due to water, fire, or other factors.

Why PPSR Check?

Three Reasons to do a PPSR Check as a Buyer.

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Using PPSR Report

How can you use a Quick PPSR Search Report?

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PSPR Certificate

What is PPSR Certificate and How to Read it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is PPSR?

The Personal Property Securities Register is a comprehensive database managed by the Government of Australia that lists properties that parties have a security interest in.

The PPSR is a collection of properties that are personally owned and have been used by owners as security to obtain loans. Only properties that have been listed under the PPSR can be found with a PPSR check. These properties do not extend to land used as security. The most common properties listed under the PPS Register are cars, boats, trucks, artwork, and machinery. Buyers who are interested in these properties can trace the financial owing on them and use the results to make decisions with regard to purchasing that property.

What is REVS?

REVS stands for the Register of Encumbered Vehicles. An Australian government registry, this compilation preceded the PPSR. Unlike the PPSR which is a registry containing financial records of all personal properties, the REVS detailed the security interest status of cars and other vehicles. It did not extend to boats and machines. The REVS was the only registry to deal with financial owing in cars before the foundation of the PPSR in 2012.

What is a VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a unique 17-digit code that identifies a vehicle and its history. The VIN is the identification number used to pick out cars for administrative purposes. Unlike the registration number (number plate), the VIN of a vehicle does not change. The VIN is unique to a specific car and is located in different areas depending on the make and model of the car. Car owner manuals direct potential owners on where to look for the VIN before purchase.

Do I need PPSR Check before buying a car?

If you are buying a used car, a PPSR check will let you know if there is a money owing against the vehicle. The same goes if you want to buy other personal property such as intellectual rights, boats, artwork, stocks, machines and even livestock. Knowing the encumbrance on a property will help you make the decision on whether you are going to buy a property or not. Personal property with financial owing comes with a greater risk compared to that which does not have any encumbrance ? the risk of repossession by a lender.

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Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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