PPSR Glossary

Personal Property:

this refers to any property, tangible or not, whose ownership can be transferred from one party to another


short for the Personal Property Securities Register, the PPSR is a comprehensive database managed by the Government of Australia that lists properties that parties have a security interest in

PPSR Search:

this refers to any search a person runs in the PPSR database using identification details

PPSR Report:

this is a report that gives you an excellent overview of the life of the car and what kind of problems it can suffer in the future

PPSR Certificate:

this is a certificate issued by the Australian Government. It offers you all the relevant information about the vehicle that is available in the PPSR database.


the REVS is a database that detailed the security interest status of cars and other vehicles within states in Australia. The registry was replaced by the PPSR national registry in 2012.

Secured Party:

A secured party is a lender who holds secured interest in a property and registers that interest with the Personal Property Securities Register


a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a unique 17-digit code that identifies a vehicle and its history

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