About PPS Register

The Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register is a collection of federal records that detail the financial history of personal assets owned by individuals or companies.

The Australian Government runs the PPS Register through the Australian Financial Security. In the past, the Australian Government kept track of security interests in decentralized registers. For instance, it kept a register of cars used as collateral in the Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS). However, in 2012, the country ushered in the Personal Property Security Register. The PPS Register is a combination of the various registers used to track security interests at carried levels of the Australian government. After 2012, registers were combined and ceased to exist individually, instead making up the national database called the Personal Property Securities Register.

Today, the PPS Register contains records of all personal properties within Australia held as security interest by a lender. For anyone looking for the history of a motor vehicle or machine, the PPS Register acts as a comprehensible source of information.

The PPS Register is managed by the Australian Government and can be accessed through this site. Anyone who wants to look up a car or other motor vehicle for financial owing can use this service to trace the background of the property. Typically, vehicles listed in the PPS Register are those that the owner has put up as security for financial backing. For instance, a car could be listed in the results of a PPS Register if its owner has listed it as a security to obtain a loan.

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