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What Does the Revs Check Report Offers?

If you want a successful used car buyer experience, then you should get a REVS Check done. When you request a REVS Check from us, you also get an official PPSR certificate. Each car history check comes with following details .

Finance owing

Don’t make a costly mistake. Find out if there is money still owing on the vehicle before you hand over your hard-earned cash. If the seller fails to honour his obligations, you could end up losing the car and your money.

Write-off Check

If the used car you like was in an accident, we’ll find out. Our reports show whether the vehicle was in an accident and if it had repairable write-offs, the accident resulted in a total loss, or if there was no accident history on that car.

PPSR Certificate for

Stolen Vehicle Check

The stolen vehicle section on your REVS Check Report lets you know if the vehicle was reported as stolen but not recovered. This ensures that you don’t end up buying stolen property and the problems that this can cause later on.

Registration Details

No Matter if you search for “REVS Check NSW”, “REVS Check QLD”, or “REVS Check WA”, our report will give you details online about vehicles throughout Australia. So, get your revs check done online here.


Why Choose Our Revs Check Report?

We are the comprehensive resource for car history information on used cars in Australia. We have simplified the process to help you get relevant details from different government bodies about any second-hand car that you would like to buy.p>

Instant Report

Submit a REVS Check online and get the results instantly delivered directly to your email.

Reliable Results

Official data from the government NEVDIS and PPSR registers for reliable REVS Check results.

Detailed Info

Our REVS Check reports give you info on finance owing, write-offs, thefts, PPSR Certificate.

Secure Payment

Pay online safely for your REVS Check report through our secure payment processing platform.

Revs Check | PPSR

Buying a used car should never put you at a disadvantage. Instead, take the buying power into your hands and get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Don’t end up with a lemon. Request your report today. Our REVS Check ensures that you get the right information when you need it.

Vehicle History Check (By WA, QLD, NSW and all States)

This is the quick and easy way to search the Australian Personal Property Security Registry (PPSR) and get vehicle information from the NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System) in one place. Using each auto’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Or Rego, these databases store relevant information that helps buyers of second-hand cars.

Your search will reveal current and historical records on the vehicle from these Australian government databases. The details of the Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS) will help you determine whether you want to continue discussing the car sale with your private buyer. It even helps when buying from used car dealers as well. So, request your easy to read, official government-generated REVS report/PPSR certificate today.


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Revs Check

Popular Blogs

A Quick Guide on How to do a REVS Check in Queensland

Are you in Queensland and planning to buy a used car? You should make sure to run a REVS check before you pay.

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular reasons why.

If a car is encumbered when you buy it, you could lose it through repossession. This happens if the previous owner defaults on the loan that was on that car. We’re sure that you don’t want to wake up to bailiffs at your door ready to take away a car that you just bought.

Now, an encumbrance issue isn’t the only problem that can come with buying a used car. And for most of those problems, you can avoid them with a simple online REVS check.

How to do a REVS Check in QLD

Now, if you live in Queensland, you might be wondering if there is a specific route or site that you have to follow to access this report. The good thing is that there isn’t.

For a REVs Check in QLD, you need a site that will give you details on:

  • Make, model and type of vehicle
  • Stolen status check
  • Written of check
  • Encumbrance or money-owing

You can quickly access this information by using the vehicle’s REGO number or the VIN number.

All this information helps you to determine if the details the buyer gives you matches with what the government has. It protects you from making a mistake such as buying a lemon. And it can potentially save you thousands of dollars that you could lose if the car is repossessed due to encumbrance issues.

The process is pretty straightforward. Just enter the details required (VIN/REGO number), pay, and access your report. It is that simple to run an official REVS check in Queensland. It’s not free, as free REVS check is not available anymore. But, it’s more than affordable.

At less than $10 for a report that gives you all these details, you can’t afford not to run a REVs Check search in QLD when you’re buying a used car.

Here’s why you should get a REVs Check NSW

If you’re in New South Wales and you plan to buy a used car, you need to do a REVS Check NSW.

Everyone should run a car history report when buying a used car. But NSW residents must be extra careful. Because, while your neighbours in Victoria were dubbed as living in the “car-theft country” of Australia, the car theft rate in NSW was right behind Victoria’s.

So, what does that mean for you as a used car buyer? You have to be careful so that you don’t inadvertently buy stolen property.

How to do a REVS Check NSW

1 in 5 reported stolen vehicles is NEVER recovered. With 23% of all stolen cars originating in NSW, the possibilities of buying a stolen car are high. This is quite a likelihood especially since you can buy a used car from just about any state in Australia. While the good news is that car theft is on the decline, the bad news is you could be the unlucky buyer of a stolen car. So, what can you do?

You can protect yourself by running a REVS Check report.

The good news is that you no longer have to rely on state-only registers. It’s easy to access a report from the national Register of Encumbered Vehicles and the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) online. Your reports now pull data from a national register, so you can cross-check throughout the country and prevent a potential disaster getting on your hands.

So, if you’re on the lovely east coast of Australia, and want to make sure you can enjoy a quality used car, run a REVS Check in NSW. Simply visit QuickPPSR and enter the required details and get a REVS check report delivered almost instantly to your phone/email.

Don’t make a costly mistake that can easily be prevented. Take the choice into your own hands and run a search.

How to do a REVs Check in Western Australia (REVS Check WA is Easy)

In its tips for consumers, the Government of Western Australia recommends that persons buying used cars run a REVS check for vehicle debt and safety. With this search, you can find out if the vehicle is encumbered – that is, whether the owner has money owing on it.

This is one part of the information that you need to know before you buy. Because, as the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety states, “as the new owner, you could be liable for this debt.”

So, that’s why it’s important that you run a search of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) before buying a used car, especially from a private seller. You have to protect yourself and your money.

Doing a REVS Check WA

With the PPSR (formerly REVS Check), it is now easy to access the national register on vehicles across Australia. Since the PPSR was implemented, Western Australia has always been one of the states with a high record of registrations. That means you have a strong register to work with when buying a used car. If the vehicle isn’t registered, then you may have to a take a second-guess at whether it’s worth the hassle of buying.

In Western Australia, it is easy to conduct an online REVs Check and get a REVs Check report with a PPSR certificate. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Perth or another city. By putting in the car’s VIN number or REGO number, you can request a REVS Check report online in less than 5 minutes.

With this knowledge all at your fingertips, you should not end up in a situation where you lose your car to repossession. This may seem that it’s not that big of a deal, especially if you believe you can trust the seller. But, by spending less than $10 now, you can save yourself thousands of dollars later.

Buying a car is a huge investment. If you want to ensure that you get the best value for money and that you protect yourself, run a WA REVS Check.

Is REVs Check Worth It? The Real Reason Why You Need a REVS Check Report

Once you start your search for a used car online or what to do when buying a used car, you will instantly see websites offering REVs Check Reports. Naturally, most people will wonder what this is and why these sites are all offering online REVs searches.

These sites will tell you that once you plan to buy a car, whether that’s in Queensland or Western Australia, you need to get a report. And that is true. Here are the four reasons most sites say why you need to get this report.

Four Reasons to run a REVS Check Report

  • A report will tell you if the used car you want to buy was reported as stolen
  • The report will also show the repairs undertaken and if the vehicle was ever written-off
  • You can see if any loans are outstanding on the car
  • You can compare the registration details that the government has versus what the seller is giving to you.

But, what does this information mean? What is the real reason why you need a REVs Check Report?

The real reason you need a REVS Check Report is to protect YOU.

REVS Check Reports Protect You the Buyer

A report will help you to protect yourself from:

  • repossession because the seller didn’t pay off the loan on the car.
  • losing your hard-earned money if you pay for a used car and it’s repossessed.
  • buying a lemon with high repair costs, sometimes even more than the price of the car
  • receiving stolen property for which you could end up in legal troubles.

Is a REVS Check Worth It?

Now that you understand the real reason why you need a REVS check report and why a REVS Check is worth the money, it’s important that you know exactly where to get it.

As you would have seen, there are numerous online sites offering reports. They all come at differing prices. So, make sure that you check that they have the necessary details you need and that what they are offering is worth the price. And if you want a REVS Check report at a great price, you’re on the right site.

What Does a REVS Check Tell You?

REVS Check Australia is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself when buying a used car in the land down under. With a nationally accessible register, you have information right at your fingertips that you can use to protect yourself? So, what does a REVS check tell you?

What does a REVS Check include?

Here is a summary of the main details in a REVS Check report and the accompanying PPSR Certificate.

  • Registration details: verify that the state register details on the vehicle’s make, model, year, etc. are the same as what the seller has
  • Stolen Status check: confirm that you aren’t about to buy a stolen car
  • Encumbrance details: find out if the seller’s vehicle is collateral in a loan so that you don’t lose it in a repossession
  • Write-off Status: check that the car, truck, or bike does not have any serious damage history that may cost you in repair expenses.

What is the best REVS Check?

With so many options online to get a car history report, how do you choose? Well, the best REVS Check allows you to search with Rego number OR VIN number. That way you can use whatever information you have on hand to get the results you need.

So, whether you need to do a REVS Check NSW or REVS Check QLD, you can quickly search with your most convenient method.

(If you are only seeing PPSR online and want to understand what happened to REVS Check, you can learn more in this post).

Where to get a REVs Check?

When you’re ready to get your REVS check report, it’s easy to get it online.

When you need the right details to buy a vehicle, just head over to QuickPPSR which offers REVS Check Australia-wide. The database covers all cars registered throughout the country. You can check the details of a car in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and other states.

Always run a Quick PPSR check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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